Product development and prototype

Our conception and prototyping service are a great help for entrepreneurs, start-ups and inventors.

Why should you do a prototype?

Prototypes are helpful in many ways.

The most popular use of prototyping is to validate the concept. Sure, your idea works in your mind, but is it doable, and how? During the prototyping period you will make modifications, test, try out, change shape. This period is often longer than expected. We have seen projects take months instead of weeks. This process is aimed at achieving a perfect, market-ready product.

A prototype is also a great way to showcase your product to potential customers. It is an excellent marketing tool and, moreover, it is great for testing your product with potential customers, friends and people who can help your idea to evolve. It enables you to gauge their interest in your product, set your price and even make a pre-sale. 


In your presentations to investors or in pitch competitions, your prototyping activities show that you have done concrete research and that you are involved. Investors look for people of action.

That is not all. This stage of your business reveals your motivation to innovate, to forge ahead and demonstrate leadership. You will be able to attract talent and build your team. People attach great value to a project with a goal that speaks to them. Presentation reports and photos are certainly among your presentation tools, but they will not have the same impact as an object that is much closer to the real thing. 

The Lezar3D team collaborates with your project. To be able to participate fully in developing your product, we need a maximum of information on the physical specifications of the model we are going to build, its environment, measurements and, if possible, its usefulness. We can sign a non-divulgation agreement from our first encounter. You can download it here and fill it in. We shall complete it at our meeting. (You will need to input your email address to download, for security reasons… etc.).


Our first meeting, lasting around 30-45 minutes, free of charge, will take place as follows: you give us a general overview of your project so that we have an idea of the amount of work to be done. If possible, we shall try to come up immediately with a ballpark estimate and you can assess whether that matches the kind of investment you wish to make in your project.


You decide to go ahead. We e-mail you an estimate, which you then approve. It will include a number of details and will be based on the information you provided. Any changes will mean overtime on your project and will thus have cost implications, so the more precise you are from the start, the better we shall be able to reach our goal quickly. Sometimes changes are inevitable. That’s what a prototype is for. The hundreds of dollars you invest your prototype will probably save you thousands in the production phase. The closer we are to the finished product, the easier it will be for you to find interested persons at different levels. 


We shall show you 3D designs of your future model, followed by 3D printing, moulding and other types of expertise that we use. This will allow for a first validation of the thrust of your idea. It will be easier for you to rectify things before going on to the next stage. If we need extra time to make changes, we shall indicate the additional costs to you, and you can decide whether or not to carry on with the changes. We help you with the brainstorming, share our ideas and place our expertise at your service. You are the expert in your project. You have the solution to the need you wish to fill.

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