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Set of 3 V-129 pieces including support, elastic and a transparent PETG screen with a thickness of 0.02 ". Adjustable and lightweight protective visor made in Quebec. Support and durable elastic of food grade materials. Protective screen of 12 "x9". The support and elastic can be cleaned with soap, detergent, alcohol and any other disinfectant. They are also sterilizable by gamma ray, ethylene oxide and electron vessel. The protective screen can be easily removed and replaced in place for cleaning or replacing it thanks to the clip system developed by Lezar3D. It is recommended to clean the screen regularly with a soft cloth, a microfibe cloth or a sponge with soap and water, bleach, peroxide hydrogen, acetic acid (10% and less) or other household disinfectants. For a longer life of the screen, avoid rough cloths. It is also possible to clean with disinfectant wipes and air dry with a venti lator or by shaking it lightly before putting it back on the holder. Avoid folding the window for storage.

V-129 Protective visor

  • Everything we do is designed and manufactured in Quebec. This is not 3D printing but a finished product now and of high quality

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