We are specialized in prototyping and assistance in product development. We used 3D printing and also other techniques to get result. Consult our service section to know more about it.


Protoype for plumber storage
Reduce Model Valve 3D printed
Phase sablage nettoyge lezar3D.JPG

Your project can be personal or the optic to put it on the market. In all case we need a .st or .obj file to give you an estimate. We also offer the service of conception. We don't invent for you but help you on the development of your product. In that case we will do it as a package deal including the conception, the prototype and the file after that you will need for the next steps. Visit this Product development and prototype for more information


Another market we cover is props for cinema, theatre and marketing. Often in this category we will prepare the part to be ready to be prime, paint or already finish. We adapt ourself to your need.

Visit accessories for marketing and movie for more details.

To get your model 3D printed we need a .STL or .OBJ file. You can send it by email at We will send you a quote and from there your decide your next move. Once approuve, we will 3d print your part  with one of our own 3d printers and send you an invoice. In this email you will know if your part is ready. You will be able to pay online or at the shop. We accept Credit Card, ATM and Cash. The main material is PLA.  More detail on this page 3D printing.

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