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Marketing and cinema props

This part covers several topics . Find the subject that interests you directly by selecting one of the following titles.

3D scale model

Stand out with tools that grab attention at trade shows, events, photoshoots or on social media. A great marketing strategy to market your product and see audience interest. With this 3D media, you will connect with people at the visual level and also at the level of touch or even sensations.

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We have carried out projects ranging from vehicles like the D'Azkarra

(image on the right) and the MGV project as well as industrial products including Garier buckets which are used as a sales item during exhibitions and events. In other cases, we made DJ headphones, scale models and promotional bottles.

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We can start from a concept and create it in collaboration with you. In some cases, the marketing teams send us the .stl files directly. or in .obj with the desired dimensions. As we are specialized in 3D printing, we know the limits and especially the possibilities.

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Consult the page of our achievements or our Instagram page to see some of our projects.

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voiture electrique  en impression 3D
3D scale model
Modele reduit 3D


When it comes to creating a 3D model of a lot, a development or a building, whether in Montreal or elsewhere in Canada, we have several options to offer you. Depending on what you have as a document, we can guide you in making a decision to get the best possible result within the budget planned.

The process of making a model consists of several steps. First of all we need a preference 3D or 2D file, image and dimensions of the desired model. From this point on we can give you a budget estimate if you plan to send us the 3D and corrected drawings later.

This allows you to approach your decision-making and architect team with your 3D printing model project.

Often the files for construction and architecture are made with SketchUp or Revit drawing software. If you have an .stl or .obj file this is ideal. Otherwise we can see together what type of format you have in hand (fbx, dxf, dwg or other).


In the options that we will offer you, there is the adaptation of the drawings for 3d printing which is the basis of everything for a better result. The grade of quality that we want the model, see our 3D printing section to know the different grades offered. The number of colors, a modular or statistical model, with or without a platform. Is the ground at an angle, we add characters, a plexiglass outline or we fit completely. It is also possible to have light and accessibility on your smart phone. Anything we can look at together when we give you different options.


If you plan to adapt 3D drawings with your team, here are some guidelines.


The part (s) must be a closed or solid “mesh”. In other words, “manifold” or “watertight”.

For 3D printing, only have the exterior surfaces. It is therefore necessary to eliminate all double thicknesses, interior walls, the stairwell and anything that could create artefacts.

Allow a minimum of 2-3 mm in diameter or thickness for details. For example for balconies, aerials and poles. In some cases, people will eliminate them or even simplify them and do them in less detail.

If you are making modular sections, provide interlocking and tolerances between floors and removable parts. Plan strategic places to be able to do the manipulations easily.

Our expertise allows us to design your model with all the points mentioned and more. We can convert your entire Revit or SketchUp file and make it compatible with 3D printing.

Here are some examples of work that we have done. You can also consult our achievements.

maquette lezar3d
maquette impression 3d
Maquette terrain de jeux
Conception trophée 3D

3D trophy design

We had the chance to create several trophies using the 3D printer. We can create from subject, theme, photo or ideas you have.

To get started contact us by emailing your general idea and the number of trophies or medals you think you need. This puts us in context.

What we do will be unique and the design is for your project only. So if you want to repeat the discount every year, we can adapt them later.

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Following our first communications, we are offering you 2 or 3 package options.

At this point we already have some ideas to offer you, depending on the time we have, the scope of the project and the information we have exchanged. Then we will offer you 3-4 models and go in one of these directions that we will tailor for you. You may be offered 2-3 alternatives of the same style before continuing with production.

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We have the possibility of making different materials and sizes. Most of the time we use PLA or onyx and then we paint the part.

For example we made unique objects for tournaments, design medals for films, trophies for the winners of the Business Journal's Start Up 7 Challenge to name a few. Here are some examples and also in our achievements.

3d trophy design
Trophee les affaires

Brand Image Accessory

Accessoire Image de Marque

For entrepreneurs and businesses, branding is important. If your logo is not yet designed, already think about how it can be represented and used in 3D.

Depending on your area of ​​activity, using your logo can make all the difference and make you stand out.

Here are some possibilities to take your business logo to the next level.

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For a restaurant, you can make stamps on your sandwiches or original shape for your cookies or on your chocolates. To see the feasibility, you have to see the size of the lines and the number of details in your logo. If one has something easy to recognize and possible to scale without losing general pattern recognition, that's good signs. Send us a .svg, .pdf or .png so that we can tell you what it is.

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For example, a stainless steel stamp for a 60mm x 35mm hamburger can be made from $ 200. But if the logo is complex, the price can increase to $ 700. In this case, we are talking about a Stainless steal piece with demoulding angles to facilitate handling.

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Communication entrepreneur, speaker, and for people who socialize a lot, their logo can be in the form of a shirt button, Business pin, cufflink, earring, or other visual tool.

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Decoration and Art

Decoration et art

We are able to do large-scale projects. In 2016, we built this lamp structure for the Hair Salon There's the Cut. This allowed us to gain experience. This experience has made us known in the 3D printing industry internationally.

More information at 3d lamp link

3d print lamp structure

You can see in our achievements some photos of some projects we have done.

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