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From your preferably .stl or .obj files we can give you an estimate for the printing of your project.

FDM and SLA technologies are used.

We favor PLA and Onyx in FDM additive manufacturing.

When it comes to SLA 3D printing with liquid resin, we did test and we still test different materials. For the moment  we offer similar resin to ABS and  PLA, despite the marketing on super resistant materials, SLA is preferred for the finish and not for its technical properties.

Our design service is only offered in conjunction with another service, either 3D printing, a prototype or other complementary services.

We model in 3D for .stl, .obj, .IGS, and .Stp formats for most projects. The project can be technical or artistic. In some cases we will create the 2D files if necessary but this is not included in the basic packages.

Dessin boitier en Conception 3D
Model reduit en impression 3D

Your project can be personal or even for the purpose of marketing a new product. In some cases, we need to design the 3D drawings with you. You will be able to obtain the files in .step, .stl, IGS or other format according to your need once completed to proceed to production. This service normally comes as a package. Most of the time 2 options are available to you:

Option 1

You provide us with the drawings and we make the prototype with materials that allow us to test or have a visual on your project.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Option 2

We do the design according to the information you give us and we do tests along the way and complete the final prototype afterwards.

More info on the link.

For a unique and tailor-made object. You will find information and achievements on promotional and theater props, 3D trophy and scale model at the following link.

We can help you with your model regardless of your level and the size of your project. Whether it is a residential project, urban planning, real estate development, we can offer you a package that suits different budgets. Whether from REVIT drawing, .stl, Sketch Up, we can offer you different possibilities. Want to know more about designing 3D models continue on this page.

Maquette archtietcturale
Polar bear 3D printed and painted

Handcrafted molding or commonly referred to as gravity molding is offered in addition to 3D design and printing. We do not sell a mold and in the packages design costs are included. To learn more about our molding service, see the next page. It is also possible to make mini productions of your project. More information .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Complementary service with the design of the prototype or for mini production. In most cases, PETG or acrylic is used depending on the use. The thickness depends on the project. Can be used for the production of masks for example or mold for chocolate. Need more information.

Thermoformage pour moule de chocolat
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