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Gravity molding

Handcrafted molding or commonly referred to as gravity molding is offered in addition to 3D design and printing. We do not sell a mold and in the packages design costs are included. It is possible to get closer to the material you are looking for your product. There are flexible materials like silicone which can have flexibility of 10A, 20A, 30A, polyurethane of 60A, 70A 80A, 90A.

The number followed by the letter A represents a degree of flexibility. The closer the Number is to 100, the less flexible it is. Other properties are added to the material , including texture. Some silicone will be smoother like 30A than 10A which almost gives the impression of being sticky. There is also elasticity, which is the percentage that the part can deform before regaining its shape. Some can stretch 400%, others 200%.


We can obtain materials with other properties such as epoxy, urethane or others. In this case the graduation is followed by the letter D for hard materials.

According to the use of your project, we can find the elongation, which is the point of fracture when stretched. If your room has to support a lot of weight or stress, the tension level will have to be watched.

We can make changes to the drawing and the choice of material along the way.

The prototype (s) will allow us to make the necessary changes either on the drawing or the choice of material.

As long as your project continues with us, we will make sure to guide you in choosing the right material during production.


It is also possible to make mini productions of your project or to do injection molding in Quebec or outside.

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