Projets 3D 

Each project is custom and many factors will enter together to establish the evaluation of your project.

There is some criteria which influence 

- original 3D drawing / conception from us / scaling / adjustment / correction

- 3D print complication and time

- assembly after print

- post printing and finish quality

- integration of electronic, magnet and hardware

- Combination of multi material and procedure

all the following creation which follow are made by Lezar3D team and some partner which help us to get you the best result for your investment.

 For Honor Shield

This shield is part of a series of 3. the 3D drawing habve been adapted from video 3D conception to 3D printing.

We did use more than one printer to complete this project in lest than 2 weeks. Once 3D printed and the assembly done, we did gave more work to get to that result. Check also the other chien on our realization.

Patricia Bérubé-Pellan

We do more than 3D printing and this project prove it. We adapt our knowledge with your need. This is what we did with Patricia Berube project to get flexible material and different texture. More about this project on our realization.

Atelier Giralco

Girfalco Workshop developed this interesting project of an 3 wheels electric car. We did this reduce model for a marketing event and we did integrate some led and switch to get  a little more realist. This project took over 500 h of work human combien with 3D prints.

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