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Among our achievements

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All the following photos are the work of lezar3D and its partners.

From 2D drawing on a sheet, photos, information, architectural drawing on sketch up or Revit that you give us, we will carry out your projects. The information you give us will allow us to have the best result that we understand and that we can within the planned budget. We use 3d printing in most cases, whether to make the final piece, tools or other but we are not limited. Our experiences with people in different fields have allowed us to gain a lot of experience with other complementary methods such as gravity molding, injection molding, laser cutting or CNC. Our skills and experience allow us to guide your project in the option of using the technique that fits the budget, the use of the prototype or the finished product.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

All the photos that we have on this page are as is and without Photoshop retouching or other software to modify the quality of the image. So what you will see is either the book product or photos from the processes that we have used.

Our first big projects started in June 2016, including a 2 m drone on a delta wing for the group where we participated in the start of the Skylys project.

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You have among the images the photo of the lamp structure for the Salon Il Y A la Coupe, this structure was unheard of in the field of 3D printing with the techniques that we had in this period when additive manufacturing was still little known by the general public but existing since 1986.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Here are pictures of some of our projects of which we are proud.

Also see our Instagram page and Facebook page.

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