3D Printing service

The materials most often used in 3D printing include PLA and Onyx, which we favour the most, carbon-fibre reinforcement, Kevlar, and fibre glass. We also provide finishing, craft moulding and thermoforming services. Send us an .stl or .obj file created on your Cad or 3D modelling software. Consult the Resource section to see the software that you may use.


For more detailed descriptions of the properties of the materials, tell us about your project and we’ll be able to advise you.


Our experience has enabled us to develop this table to better understand the differences in quality and price. It is difficult to assess a room from measurements and a description. We need your .stl or .obj file to be able to give you an estimate.


By default, we assess your works in PLA with a resolution of 200 microns.


Grade d'impression 3D Lezar3D

Grade 1

 PLA -

Basic 3D print.The form , size and shape will influence the finish product. This is the most affordable and fastest of our product. The 3D printing line will be apparent . This is the ideal product for a first prototype for first validation, pouve of concept or personal use,non visible part on finish product. First small batch production. *


 Onyx -

This produt is one of the best looking FDM result on the market. The part will bemore refine and better looking in general than the PLA, ABS, PETG or other regular material. Depending of the shape, it can happen that you see some of the lines or get rough section. tolerances de + / - à 0.15mm. *, **

Grade 3

Finish PLA +Paint 

Once 3D printed, we use differnts tehniques to smooths the part. We can do many session depending of the time frame and the budget. After you will get a finish in can paint or Air brush. Still some line can appears if you are concentrate at looking at this. The lighting and angle can show more or less default. This is still an artistic work and we don't pretend get the perfection.

But we can assure you that we will do our best. This kind of finish is for presentation fornt of investissor or potential clients, photoshoot, trophy, show, props for cinema and theater. Always better to talk with us to choose the right finish for your projet *

Grade 4

Finish smoother - Onyx + + Paint-

Once the 3d printing is done, we give different process to smoothing the 3d model before to get to the painting part. Similar to grade 3 in process but with more session. Time frame, budget and shape of the part will have a direct impact on the result. Is still possible that some line and default appear at less than a meter apart from the model.It's the best so far we an do. Finish can vary from one project to the other.  .*

          GRADE 5            

           GRADE 6           

           GRADE 7          

Maquette, reduce model and industrial almost looking alike + Paint -

superior quality of finish. We spend more time on your project and we will probably have one of our supplier do the painting.  We will sand you part until grade 400. We will mix PLA - Onyx and other techniques to get the result wanted. As much as we want to get you a perfect part we will still artist and some imperfection can appear if you looking for it. 

Like Grade 5 but with extra.Like varnish, reinforcement and other special request.

Like Grade 5 but with extra.Like varnish, reinforcement and other special request.

* Note that the shape, size, 3d drawing can have a positive or negative impact on the finish product. We can work more on your part in some case if your time frame is more flexible. We will do extra sanding session and try to get a better result.

** There is possibility of reinforcement with onyx with carbon fibre, kevlar or Fibreglass.

There is some point to pay attention that can influence the result .

- Artefact on the drawing (multi part, or line inside)

- Cross over object and occupy the same space

- Small or No point to stand on for the printing

- Pronounced curved who need support

- Part which need a lot of support before to reach it... like finger of a figurine

- Return face

- Non manifold 3D model

- Thin wall under 0.7mm

- Small part on a long distance

- Not compatible font

- Color of the piece

- Scale to small for 3D printing, example a window from the original model

We check the the model before to print it but we can detect all default before the print. If you are not sure about the part you send to us , let us know.

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