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To obtain an estimate for 3D printing online, send us your file in .obj or .stl format by emailing .

We have different types of 3D printers, which allow us to offer you the possibilities of materials such as PLA, Onyx, resin and others.

You will be emailed the material and cost (in Canadian dollars) for the PLA and onyx.

Confirm acceptance by email of 3D printing and you will be notified when your project is ready. You can pay online or on site. Online via our accounting site, by e-transfer or on site with most credit cards or cash. In some cases checks are accepted for companies and organizations.


We offer various reinforcement services with some of our Kevlar and carbon 3d printers and our in-house recipes which will allow you to obtain parts that are more rigid or with other properties. In the links: additive manufacturing and 3D printing, you will find the different finishing grades that we offer. Our expertise is not limited to grade, but these are guidelines to let you know about the possibilities. Consult our achievements, you will see what we are able to do.

In all cases, the designs belong to you and we delete the files once printed.

Projects start from $ 10 for a PLA print and $ 15 for Onyx.

Advance your project towards success with our design service. product development, prototyping and research. Our collaboration will allow you to achieve your goals faster. The drawings in different formats will be given to you during our collaboration. This will also allow you to compare prices for the production. We can help you at different levels depending on your experience and how you have advanced in your project. We will use 3D printing when making your prototype, but our knowledge allows us to do thermoforming, gravity molding and we will be original to find possibilities to achieve the result without breaking the bank.

We keep the designs in our secure system and you can ask us to send them to you for a period of one year at no charge.

Product development, 3d printing and prototyping include consultation and our expertise. Prices will vary depending on the information you provide us. If you have sketches and measurements with a working system that needs refinement, it will be easier and faster than if you have an idea and need to work out solutions with you.

In our estimate for Product Development, we will send you a link to view your project in 3D as your project progresses. We will probably do one or more test parts in 3D printing to achieve the desired result. This is included in our estimates, what could change the cost would be unforeseen changes or additional demand. The goal is to arrive at a visual and / or functional prototype and adapt to the use according to the budget.


Select the text Product development, design, design and prototype at the beginning of the paragraph or the link to design in the welcome image. You will be able to know the stage at which you are in your project.

Unique object and personalized accessory for your event marketing, your shooting or your special effects. From 3D modeling to the finishing of your custom part. In this section information on scale models, model, trophy and other object other than product development. In the section also Our achievements in the reception, you will be able to see some of the projects that we have done. You will be able to understand that there is different quality of finish, you will be able to have more details on the level of the finish in the grades in the 3D printing part. You will be able to see that there is a car which with finish and the shields, so say that most of the models are a Monochrome level or only a few colors.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

We also offer a consultation service to help you find the best solution for your project. We have saved hundreds and thousands of dollars by providing faster and easier solutions. The consultation fees are $ 70 / h depending on our involvement in the project.

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Lezar3D has participated in some project including trophy shields for For Honor tournaments, trophies for the start up challenge, props for films that have been nominated in Cannes or that will be showing soon and many more whose identity we keep confidential but which has probably passed before your eyes.

For an estimate

Send your .stl or .obj file to

The stages

- check that your 3D file is preferably less than 50 MB

- send your file by email to

If you have several files we recommend the free site

- We will check the major points to see if your project can be printed in 3d, we also offer the correction service to be compatible for 3D printing

- Once you receive the estimate, confirm the price is right for you

- We send you confirmation that your project is ready

- Our payment system allows you to pay online or otherwise in person when you pick up your project in store

- Possibility of delivery in Montreal the same day.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

For more information on the 3D printing service see the following link.

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