Protection Face Shield PPE


V series Face Shield


Protective face shield Made in Quebec.

Premium quality 


industrial and commercial level




- Durable plastic support and FDA approved

- Elastic for adjustment made here in Quebec

- Window part in PETG or equivalent in .02 or .03


The support and the elastic can be cleaned with solvents, soaps and household and industrial disinfectants.

Can be sterilized and cleaned at high temperature

Everything we do is designed and manufactured in Quebec. It's not 3D printing but a finished product now.

Price from $ 15 + taxes

Possibility of price per quantity, contact us for prices / quantities of 100, 1000, 5000 to

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Get closer to the success with our assistance in design and research. We will collaborate to allow you to reach your objectif faster.More Detail.

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3D Printing


Company, exchange and refund policy

1. 3D printing article, for any 3D printing article, We do our best and guide you with your choice of material and modification to obtain the best possible result. If the finished product does not suit you and does not correspond to the description of the different categories, you must tell us when you receive the project. Everything we do in 3D printing is prototype level so we will judge according to the product if it is possible to redo it better with the same technique at no cost or find a better solution with you.

2. All projects must be sent in .stl, .obj or other format agreed upon by email. We do not accept any link on sites other than google drive, wetransfer, one drive, and icloud.

3.The person sending the file or project to us is responsible for any legal, copy, copyright or other legal concept that may contravene the rules, values or laws of Canada or the country of the project destination. .

4. Purchase 3D printer, 30 days to return the goods from the date of delivery. The email confirming that your material has arrived by is the reference date for these 30 days. A misused or non-reusable, damaged item may not be eligible for a refund. Lezar3D reserves the right not to reimburse a product which has been used for more than 5 hours. The first solution will be to replace the product.

5. Purchase of material created by Lezar3D or that Lezar3D represents can be exchanged or reimbursed within 30 days. The valid reasons are: that it does not represent its description, contains faults or malfunction, manufacturing defect or other reasons considered valid. The product must be returned to the store. No refund on delivery or return costs.

6.Delivery date, we try to do the best we can. We are trying to meet the dates as best we can, but some projects may take longer than expected and changes in the process may cause the delivery date to change significantly.

7. Payment. All orders must be paid for at the latest on delivery, except confirmation by Lezar3D by email or an agreement signed by contract. Late fees of up to 20% per month. Also a delay in delivery applies in the event of late payment in certain cases.

8. Lezar3D offers 40% more credit per month than any credit card.

9.Lezar3D must confirm that your payment is accepted by check regardless of your name, company, bank or reason which causes this delay.

10. If you have any questions, complaints or others, the first thing to do is to contact us at or speak with us at 438-990-5333.

11. Lezar3D will be happy to serve you.

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